duminică, 5 decembrie 2010

Photoshop Tutorial : How to correct very bright / too dark pictures

Here's a simple tutorial about correcting underexposed / overexposed pictures using Adobe Photoshop. Let's say that your camera didn't do well on your last photography session. Just open the picture you want to edit in Photoshop using CTRL + O / File --> Open . Correcting this type of photos is just a simple matter of changing the blending mode of simillar layers.

After you got the picture opened in Photoshop , you have to duplicate the background . Just drag the layer with your photo onto the Add a new layer button.

OK ! Once you've duplicated the layer with your photo , you have to know what's wrong with your photo . If it's too bright , first select the new duplicated layer you have created , go to the Blending Mode drop down menu , and select Multiply . Wow ! Awesome , right ? If it's way too dark , you have to change the blending mode from normal , to Overlay .

How do you go to the blending mode menu ? It's right on top of your Layer Menu !!
Click the next photo to see where it's located.
Here are a few examples of photos edited using this very method
( Please click the images to see them with decent quality )

Well , i hope you liked it ! See you on my next tutorial :)
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